Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Church Or Not To Church..That Is The Question?

In the first chapter of " Tangible Kingdom" the author shares with us his progession of events that led him to, lets say, his breaking point. That pivitol point in his life where he felt absolulety "done" with the church.
The author was part of a church plant and spent several years; leading, teaching, equipping, mentoring and grooming who he presumed to be natural leaders for this church. After turning the reigns over, leadership began bickering about who's getting paid what, who gets to preach when, should we wear this or that ect ect. In the end, the author resigned. Frustrated, defeated and exhausted. But to me, all that stood out was the word "Church".
We always say, "Where are you going to church?","who's the pastor of your church?" But, before we move on, let me ask you this.....

What is the origin and meaning of the word "Church"?

Time for a little research and homework :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Change Must Happen

We can all agree, christian or nonchristian, that the church has issues! Thats right..the church does have issues! You know why? Because the church is comprised of people. Without people you have no church. The problem lies with the world not being able to make a distinction between "christians" and followers of Jesus. There should be a distinct difference, but unfortunately, more often then not, you can't tell the difference.
What we're hoping for in the creation of this blog is a dialogue with all sorts of people. A discussion if you may, that will open the eyes of the "church" and those within. Its time for change and change starts with you!

We encourage you to pick up a copy of "The Tangible Kingdom" and join us in an open dialogue about the change that needs to happen.